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Using tech to support the vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis


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Tech for good has been part of our portfolio for some time.

We facilitated events aiming to reduce poverty around the world, built products to support rural communities, worked with global organisations to serve multiple audiences, and spoke at Tech for Good about our work. So when we noticed an opportunity with NHSX to help those most vulnerable in society as a result of COVID-19 isolation, we jumped at the chance.


Coronavirus fuelled new needs for the vulnerable, leaving millions of people isolated. They are at further risk of mental health issues, unable to receive the care they need, and are not gaining a comfortable level of wellbeing.

The challenge

Motivated by this new NHS X (the NHS’ digital arm) partnership opportunity - Techforce19 - we challenged ourselves to find new ways to use our studio, skills and technology to help vulnerable people isolated by COVID19.

We involved the whole team in an exercise that aimed to spark new ideas and invited everyone to submit their ideas via video, making sure they took into consideration scalability, need and ease of implementation.


The results


9 concepts
2 prototypes
1 product launch

In three days, we received nine ideas that aimed to support community care homes, employees’ mental health, the self-isolated and increase the number of paid young carers. A few of the team even managed to do audience research, interviewing care workers to validate the need for their idea.


Final submissions included:

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1. Emma - a personalised voice helper to aid support of mental health amongst employees


  •  Enabling and supporting the wellbeing of many whose quality of life depends on the few

  •  Connecting the world though moments of togetherness

  •  Providing mental health support and wellbeing reminders

AC Prototype 3 (1).jpg

Image 4.png

2. ActiveCare - a care home toolkit enabling care workers support and inspiration for residents entertainment, health, and fitness, alongside a diary-style communication tool for residents and their loved ones. 


  •  Connecting those most vulnerable

  •  Connecting those who can help, to those who need help

  •  Providing help where support staff is short of time and bodies on the ground

The product launch

We were overwhelmed with the number of Freestylers who demonstrated perfect examples of the people-positive culture we have here. 

Following this, we began working on a new, free product which aims to enable local businesses to support the small charities around them: Charity Matcher.


From concept to launch in a little over 10 days

From concept to launch in a little over 10 days, we managed to get the working version published - If you’re interested in supporting this, please drop us an email on

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