Market disruption through a community platform



Saxoprint have grown fast to become one of the largest online print companies in Europe. They asked us to help establish their brand in the UK.


Saxoprint offer simple format print products, such as stationery, leaflets and flyers, to businesses with limited experience of the print production and print design process, dispersed across a broad range of sectors from hospitality and leisure to charity and education.

They asked us to help establish the brand in the UK and grow their share of the small to medium-sized commercial print market.

To find some commonality of purpose across such a broad range of business sectors we undertook a three-stage process, to get under the skin of the business, the target audience and develop an effective customer-focused digital strategy:

  • Client immersion
  • Stakeholder workshop
  • Creative hack and fast prototyping session

We needed to find a solution to ensure Saxoprint's customers received excellent and tailored designs for their businesses. Even more importantly, we wanted to ensure they still provided a human touch to online ordering.


We developed ProStudio – the online platform that connects the print needs of a business with a wealth of creative talent.

ProStudio brings together quality print designers with businesses who need print design, in a genuinely useful community.

This disruptive platform cuts out the agency middleman, giving businesses access to cost-effective print and giving designers access to new clients.

Saxoprint in turn benefits through the print production orders that come from the design briefs commissioned through the platform.


ProStudio was the platform that enabled Saxoprint’s entry into the UK market and made The Great British Postcard Competition possible.

"ProStudio draws inspiration from disruption success stories like Airbnb and Uber. It centres around the idea of a collaborative economy where customers and suppliers of services across a supply chain can come together for mutual benefit."

Corporate Content Awards



Creative Director

ProStudio was our Creative Director’s brainchild. Paul came up with the concept of an online community for designers and businesses after visiting Saxoprint’s print facilities in Dresden.

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Senior Front-End Developer

Will’s experience with Episerver meant he was well-placed to lead the ProStudio build, turning a great concept into a fully-functioning online community.

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Head of Content

Our Head of Content loves a brand development project. Oliver worked on ProStudio’s proposition, tone of voice and messaging framework.

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