Creative campaigns 


If you’re trying to stand out in a dull sector, we’re the agency for you.

What you can expect.

Everything from the big idea to campaign execution.

In this world of data, metrics, incremental gains and self-optimising content, it’s sometimes hard for the creative concept to break through. But when it does, it brings everything else to life and is a huge enabler for business improvement.

It’s also a load of fun, especially if you're one of those 'non-sexy businesses' we love to tackle. So, if it’s a big idea you need to cut through the clutter, we’re ready for some right brain action:

  • Campaign 'big ideas'
  • Multi-channel campaign strategy
  • Design and copywriting of assets (microsites, email, blogs, infographics, editorial, press ads, banners etc.) 
  • Video scriptwriting and editing
  • Social media content suites and community management 
  • Influencer engagement


You can expect beautifully-drawn scamps to go with your AI bot interface; punchy headlines to go with your self-optimising blocks - the gloves are off and we’re ready to say bye2boring in B2B!

Some kind words from people we've worked with


Head of Technical Marketing, RS Components

"We’re delighted by these staggering download figures. Freestyle's big idea of holding a Design Challenge event with top engineers has resulted in our most successful software launch to date."

Creative promotion: case studies.

If you have a non-sexy product and you’re struggling to stand out in a traditionally staid sector, our campaigns can make a massive difference.

Our experience in creative campaigns spans:


Business outcomes.


Any more and we’d be showing off, but we’re really proud of creating beautiful, sector-leading campaigns!

You can expect beautifully-drawn scamps to go with your AI bot interface

Work with us.


New Business Director

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