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The Freestyle experience:
Q&A with Becki Hemming

Freestyler Becki Hemming shares her thoughts on what the Freestyle experience is all about...



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Q: What do you do at Freestyle?

A: I head up Insight in the studio. Which means I have lots of opinions on how we listen to our audiences, how we stay true to that throughout UX, and how we report on success.


Q: How long have you been at Freestyle? Has your journey within Freestyle changed since you first joined?

A: I’ve been here for two and a half years, which is still relatively fresh in Freestyle context. Thinking back, my role and responsibility has evolved a considerable amount in that time. Collaboration is the lifestyle of choice here, which has meant I’ve been able to flex into strategy, concept development and UX contribution. Thanks to the autonomy and trust we work with, I’m at the forefront of defining our insight offering, principles and how they serve us throughout the studio.


Q: What is your favourite part of working on a product?

A: Whether it’s uncovering insight, creative exploration or idea development, being in that collaborative flow of thought and energy is the best part. For me, it’s where the magic happens. When you’re at the crest of the wave of your collective thoughts and you ride it with the smart people around you.

I’d also be lying if I didn’t say seeing results. Knowing something you’ve contributed is effecting change, a real-world outcome, brings a definite sense of satisfaction. Especially when you zoom out and scan back over a beast of a Miro board and take in the wealth of thought, exploration and development that’s led to that.


Q: What do you like about working at Freestyle?

A: The people make Freestyle. They push me, trust me, question me and propel me. Not to mention they’re a joy to be around. There’s not one person in our team I wouldn’t be pleased to sit down next to for a pint or a pizza. It’s not something you come across a lot. And they sure know where to find great pizza! 🍕


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