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Work Experience at Freestyle - Not business as usual



Business and management undergrad Ben Taylor talks about his work experience with the Freestyle content team, and how agency life isn't always business as usual...

Before beginning my work experience at Freestyle Interactive, I set myself a few aims in order to get the most out of the opportunity. As well as wanting to gain a more practical understanding of how businesses are run and what keeps the cogs moving, I also wanted to hone my marketing skills in general, and develop my knowledge of the role that content plays.

I didn't want to come out of the two weeks feeling that I’d missed a great opportunity or learned things that weren’t in line with my career motivations. Now that these two weeks have come to a close, I can happily say that my personal targets were met.  


An agency overview

The last two weeks have both been highly educational and eye-opening. I initially gained an overview of the business, learning about the principles of B2B and the type of clients that Freestyle work with. I was set various tasks that I hadn’t had much experience doing, but the team showed me the ropes and I quickly got the hang of things. I worked alongside some highly skilled people who effectively demonstrated how a business like Freestyle functions so well. I’ve loved the opportunity to learn more about the marketing and advertising industry, gaining insight into a living and breathing creative workforce while developing my copywriting skills. Speaking with Freestylers across the business, I have learnt so much about their roles and the importance of each individual job.  


Destined for digital

I researched digital in great detail prior to my work experience, with a particular emphasis on social media, as I’ve always been passionate about it, and fascinated by the influence it can have on a brand’s success. I was therefore grateful to be assigned with the tasks of writing several articles concerning social media and its impact, from its influence on Rio 2016 to how it could flourish under Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘digital manifesto’ proposal. Freestyle offered me guidance and direction regarding both the research and writing required for these assignments.  


Insider knowledge

The knowledge I have gained during my Freestyle work experience has melded nicely with my current academic studies, as my business and management course covers all aspects of business from basic theory to a more hands-on year in placement. I’m happy to have not only gained digital marketing knowledge from within an agency, but also to have developed more career-specific skills, like those of communication, and time management across numerous projects. Overall my two weeks here have provided me with a much more rounded understanding of how businesses function from within. Anything surprising? The pleasant atmosphere and friendliness of those in the office - it actually made the prospect of working for 8 hours a day enjoyable!  



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