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Our belief.

We believe in outcomes over outputs. We aren't interested if work won't deliver results.

By working in collaboration with you, we'll reach solutions designed to achieve outcomes for the business and the customer. If they're not result-orientated, then they're not important to us.

We’ve created solid partnerships with clients who have fully bought into our culture and philosophy. Meaning we’ve been able to cultivate growth on both sides of these relationships.

We stand by simple principles – understanding our clients’ objectives and audience needs, delivering a business return on everything we do, and nurturing the best digital talent.

Working with us.

Partners not accounts.

Trust is at the heart of our partnerships, which is why you’ll find us to be transparent and straightforward. You’ll know what we’re up to, how things are evolving, and you have direct access to our experts.

We act as an extension of your team. It’s why we’ll welcome you to join us in working in our studio, so you too can continue to feel inspired and energised by the Freestyle vibe.

Being your partner also means we’ll always be thinking beyond the current project, to make sure you stay relevant in a fast-moving world.


Complexity causes confusion. We strive to bring clarity to help you get your head around the stuff that keeps you up at night.

We use a Design Thinking approach to understand the problem and the opportunity - quickly and in detail. By getting under the skin of your business and having the same depth as knowledge as you do, we can better understand the challenges and hurdles.

Using different methodologies and frameworks, we’ll put together a bespoke process spanning hacks, workshops, maps and sketches to arrive at the best solutions for your business. Whether it's working in sprints or using Jobs To Be Done, we’ve been there and have the post-it notes to prove it.

We’ll design, prototype, build and deploy the digital products, services, platforms and experiences that deliver results.

And then we’ll measure, iterate and do it all again.

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CMO, Bostik

"From facilitating stakeholder workshops across three continents, to developing a state-of-the-art technology platform, Freestyle transformed our digital experience."

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Alan Cooper

  New Business Director 


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